Soothing Lavender

Lavender, forever soothing and healing.

The Lovely Benefits of Lavender

When you hear the word lavender, the first image that comes to mind is probably an undulating field of vibrant purple flowers gently bowing with the breeze. It’s a calming and soothing image. Lavender is known historically to be associated with calming the mind, body and soul. Its fragrant flowers are used for oils, candles, lotions, soap and more. But it’s not only great for perfume, there are many benefits to using lavender in your daily routine that promotes well-being.

Some of the benefits of lavender include:

It helps you to unwind and sleep better

Lavender oil used in aroma therapy has a soothing effect on the body and helps you to unwind. This enables you to reach a relaxed state which promotes better sleep. Inhaling lavender oil for a few minutes before bedtime gets you in the mood for relaxing and healing sleep. If you are having trouble to sleep or frequently spend hours tossing and turning feeling restless, give lavender a try. When you get a better quality of sleep, you feel well rested, energetic and more focused in your day to day activities.

Lavender brings stress relief

Lavender is a natural remedy for stress relief. Instead of taking prescription medications, many people who suffer from anxiety and stress are turning to lavender. It’s all natural, with no potent side effects. The scent of lavender in oils, bath bombs or creams can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety. Whether it is used in a diffuser, a few drops of oil on a handkerchief or lavender scented bath soap, lavender brings anxiety levels down and restores balance in the body. This helps you to function better and be more productive and uninhibited by anxiety.

It eases pain

If you have sore muscles or joint pain, massaging the affected areas with lavender oil can ease discomfort. The combination of its powerful scent and massaging your body is also very calming. Your brain releases more serotonin and dopamine when you feel soothed which can decrease pain.

Lavender improves your mood

Lavender’s refreshing fragrance is a great mood booster. If you are sad, anxious, angry or feel ill, the use of lavender products can help you to lift your spirits and feel a sense of peace and contentedness.

Lavender, the wonder herb

Other amazing benefits of lavender include anti-fungal properties, hair and skin enrichment and wound healing. Here at  Sandrine we offer a variety of premium lavender products. Our lavender oil and buds are extracted straight from the lavender fields in Provence, South France. We offer exquisite body oils, lotions and aroma therapy kits to name a few. If you are new to using lavender, we have a product to suit your needs.

Lavender is a versatile plant that can be used in many ways and in many different forms. While the most popular choice is lavender essential oil, you can also plant lavender in your garden or use in potpourri to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere in your home!

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