I founded Sandrine Beauty in 2009. I always had very sensitive skin. At a young age I suffered from dry skin and eczema on my body and scalp. So, my mom used to rub almond oil that the doctor had recommended to her and it helped alleviate those symptoms but what I  remember most is the wonderful scent of the almond oil, a slightly nutty scent.

 Dry and sensitive skin followed me all my life. My skin became very sensitive to scented bath & body care, especially when in contact with scented laundry detergent, downy and strong chemical home care products, my skin would itch uncontrollably, so I started using unscented skincare products as well as scent free, dye free laundry detergents.

I started mixing different oils, botanicals and essential oils to see if her skin would improve, and it did. In 2009, I started making serums, soaps, lotions… and later  founded Sandrine Beauty. Up until this day, all her beauty products are made from scratch.

On the other hand, I loved aromatherapy and fragrances so I took different workshops and classes and got my first certification in aromatherapy in New York as well as in perfumery in Grasse, South of France.

Aromatherapy and natural fragrance became the heart of the brand. It opened the door to not just skincare but wellness. 

I strongly believe in the therapeutic and olfactory benefits of plants to bring an overhaul of well-being.

“Nature is full of resources to help us heal, regenerate, and uplift ourselves.


“Beauty is within Nature.” - Sandrine