Lavender Body Oil

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Our body oil has the perfect blend of plant derived oil and essential oil. Deeply nourishing and moisturizing, our body oil leaves your skin soft and smooth. Our body oil can be used for bath and massages.

Ingredients: prunus dulcis oil, olea europea oil, persea americana oil, cocos nucifera oil, vitis vinifera oil, prunus armeniaca, carthamus tinctorius oil

Customer Reviews

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Rafeeza Rahiman

This smell so good I actually bought while I was at the grand bazaar I can’t get enough of this every since


The lavender oil smells so good and not too greasy for my skin

Love the Lavender Oil!

Wow...I have never used an oil that truly works for my skin. I have even gone without moisturizing because I have been so disappointed with the products. I saw them as a waste of money and time.

This oil is the best moisturizer I have ever used. The true test for me is whether or not my skin feels like it has a buildup on it, or if I am ashen within 12 hours. The lavender oil moisturized for 24 hours. To look down at my legs and see that they did not need lotion or oil, to say the least - I was very surprised and happy.

I use the lavender oil head to toe. I exercise every morning so after I rinse my hair and shower I apply the lavender oil to my hair and body. I love that I can use one product all over. The oil also stretches, I do not need to use a lot, nor ever need to reapply to an area to ensure coverage. The fragrance is lovely as well not too strong or light - a perfect balance. I have found my new body oil and can not be happier.

Love the Lavender Body Oil

I love the rich fragrance of Sandrine's Lavender Body Oil. My skin always feels silky smooth after using it. I apply it post-shower, especially after long workout days. It's soothing and definitely allows me to relax before bedtime. Recommend trying this product.

In love with this oil!

Great strong lavender fragrance and the oil is loved by my skin! My skin soaks it up like water. It lasts all day. I mix it with lotion and use it daily. I highly recommend.